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We Know B2C Marketing.

All marketers face similar challenges in attracting and converting new customers. However, in a high-speed, buyer-driven world where IT-savvy consumers carry out much of the marketing process on their own, B2C marketers have to sort out some unique complexities when defining their customer personas, and deciding how best to nurture those prospects through the conversion process. Marketers must balance their customers’ diverse buying cycles—each shaped by specific personal behaviors, needs, desires, and perspectives—with a nearly endless scope of competitive products and services, and a wide range of marketing channels.

B2C buying cycles are often short, which means that B2C marketers must carefully consider what happens right after the sale. It’s easy to believe the work is complete once a prospect becomes a customer. In reality, though, the sale is only the start of a new cycle. The challenge for B2C marketers is not only converting new leads into customers, but – perhaps more importantly – retaining loyal customers in an era where competition is fierce and information is easily accessible to consumers.